Our New Pipe Organ

The organ was built by The Schantz Organ Company in Orville, Ohio.  It took four months and arrived in September.  The tonal finishers spent 4 weeks voicing each of the over 2000 pipes, ranging from the size of a pencil up to 16 feet tall.  The new organ is custom designed and built for IHM. There are no two pipe organs exactly alike.

Organ Stoplist

About The Schantz Organ Company:  

The Schantz Organ Company, founded in 1873 by A.J. Tschantz, (later changed to Schantz) is the largest and oldest American pipe organ builder still under management of the founding family. Combining his inventive skills with a love of music, Schantz began building pipe organs after a brief venture into the construction of reed (parlor) organs.

In the early part of the twentieth century, A.J.'s sons joined him in his organ building shop. Under their leadership, the growing company developed a strong reputation as a regional builder. In turn, their sons learned the skills of the trade and took over the operation of the company. It was under the leadership of the third generation (following World War II) that the company developed its national reputation. Today work continues under the management of the third and fourth generations of the Schantz family.